Progress and Algorithms

Happy Holidays! I decided to take a 2-3 day coding break for X-mas; I definitely needed it! I was really frustrated with the first Linked List challenge that is included in the The Firehose Project curriculum.

The goal of this challenge was taking a Linked List and reversing it using a Stack. Overall, this was definitely the hardest coding task that I've completed (for now...). It really tested my skills as a programmer, knowledge of ruby, and most of all, my patience. Thankfully I was able to pick the brains of other Firehose colleagues and staff!

Personally, I found that the most difficult concept about the Linked List challenge was not the visualization and understanding of how a Linked List and Stack interacted together but the actual writing of the code and how it is logically organized.

I was also able to finish the second Linked List challenge where the goal is to reverse the list using mutation. This challenge was a little easier to grasp, especially after the first Linked List. The extra optional part of this challenge, which I'm still working on, is the incorporation of Floyd's cycle-finding algorithm to determine if the Linked List is infinite.