Music == Programming

Wow! It's been such a long time since I've made a post...I have experienced a lot this past month. Some things that stick out to me since my last post are: I've started my agile team chess project, added more features to my Qelody app, finished more algorithms(fibonacci, luhn, collatz), dove into more advanced topics like meta programming, learned a ton about oAuth and implemented it in a couple projects, dealt with more GitHub workflow (merge conflicts and pull requests), and I was asked to make a site(my first paid gig)!

Although a lot has happened since my last post I've been meaning to write about the similarities between studying music and programming. I'm not sure if the way I've learned to code is atypical or not but this is from my personal experience coming from my background as a professional musician and educator.

When someone learns to play an instrument, read music, write music, and understand its theory; they usually take lessons. These lessons can vary depending on the instrument and teacher but are relatively the same teacher to teacher (hopefully). All of these points also parallel and are applied to the way I learned to code. In fact, in both instances, you learn by doing.

Here is a list of parallels:

  1. Learning an Instrument == Learning a Programming Language
  2. Reading Music Notation == Reading Language Syntax
  3. Writing Music Notation == Writing Language Syntax
  4. Taking Lessons with Teacher == Mentor Sessions with Teacher
  5. Playing Music with Others == Pair Programming / Group Projects
  6. Music Theory == Computer Science
  7. Recordings / Live Show == Live Application
  8. Learn By Doing == Learn By Doing