A New Year

First post of the new year! I've been super busy with The Firehose Project and have been meaning to post for awhile. I've just finished my third web app Qelody and am waiting for the agile team project to start!

Even though I don't post much about it on here; I've been making progress with my music also. As some of you know I'm a professional musician and play in quite a few groups across the metropolitan area. One group, which I co-lead and am quite fond of, is Alpha Band. We've recently changed our composition of musicians/instruments and I'm pretty excited to play with them in the coming year.

Here we are a week ago at Club Bonafide in NYC:

I still need to finish several algorithms but I'm almost done with the program! I started at the beginning of December and It's flying by, pretty quickly. I guess that just gives me more time to develop my apps further and challenge myself more!

Since it is the new year....

My Bigger Goals For This Year:

  1. Finish The Firehose Project
  2. Get A Job As A Developer
  3. Launch A Startup
  4. Record An Album
  5. TBD...