Mikey, a React-Redux CLI / Framework

About a week or two ago, I started learning React-Redux and started missing some aspects of Rails; one of them being the rails generate command. In React, I kept having to build out a lot of the same pieces over and over and felt it could be greatly improved on. Time is really valuable, and as a developer, It's important to automate as many tasks for others to make their lives easier, including your own.

So, I decided to build what I now call Mikey. Mikey is a command-line tool for generating React-Redux projects and files. It is very similar to rails generate command and is accessible within the command-line globally.

To Install:
$ npm install mikey -g

Mikey has a lot of interesting features that I think will make any developer's life easier and I hope to keep adding more in the near future. For example when you generate a file, it looks through your current working directory for the correct folder.

Another feature I added recently is a defaults feature, so a developer doesn't have to keep importing dependencies into the same filetype over and over.

If you would like to contribute, it would be greatly appreciated. I would also love more feedback.

Check Out: Mikey on NPM or Mikey on Github