React-Redux CLI / Framework

What Is Mikey?

Mikey is a CLI / Framework for React/Redux applications. Mikey was designed to be simple, intuitive to use, and increase development speed and productivity of React/Redux applications. Mikey can generate React/Redux projects and files, saving the developer valuable time that can be spent building features. Mikey can also be used in any React/Redux project and is intended to be a broad solution.

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Generate Projects

With mikey new projectName, you can immediately start with a fully functioning application with testing integration, source mapping, linting, hot reloading, and any other key dependencies and features a developer would expect from a React/Redux application. Mikey generated projects are also very minimal in dependency integration, unlike a lot of boilerplates, and strike a good balance between features and bloat.

Generate Files

What really makes Mikey extra special are the CLI commands for file generation. When you generate a file, Mikey will look through your working project directory and dynamically find the folder for the corresponding file type. This feature is very important and allows Mikey to be used with other React/Redux projects with different file trees. These file paths are stored in a generated .mikeyPath folder for performance and automatically added to .gitignore. On file generation, a test file is also created and setup for immediate use within the project test directory. Another useful feature is the ability to add import statements to the top of the file on file generation. Imports are stored as defaults for corresponding file type and allow you to include them in the next file generation instead of typing out each import over again.