A CLI / Framework for Node APIs

What Is Nopi.js?

Nopi.js is a CLI / Framework for Node API generation and development. Nopi.js is intended to be simple, intuitive to use, and will increase speed and productivity of Node API development. With Nopi.js, developers can generate Node API projects and files, saving valuable time that can be spent building features.

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Generate Projects

With nopi new apiName, you can immediately start with a basic Node/Express API with either Mongo or Postgresql setup. Nopi.js generated API are very minimal in dependency integration, and basic.

Generate Files

When you generate a file, Nopi.js will look through your working project directory and dynamically find the folder for the corresponding file type. These file paths are stored in a generated .apiPath folder for performance and automatically added to .gitignore. Nopi.js also reads your package.json for the nopi_database key; which determines what type of Model and Controller files it generates.